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Phoskamag Plus
I. Introduction.
One of the main tasks in agriculture industry is to find practical ways so that more effective and efficient farming methods can be applied.
In accordance with that, fertilizer application and using the right fertilizer are the wise options in an agriculture management system. Through experience and experiment as well as analysis in the using of types of fertilizer and methods, it can be concluded that the using of compound fertilizer is more inexpensive and practical compared to the single fertilizer.

The above statement is liable provided that the factors of agriculture are coherent, which means:
  • The soil condition is ideal; this means the physical- chemical feature and the moisture of the land is qualified.
  • Seeds that are being used are well plant and in healthy condition: a top varity.
  • Method of planting is correct and time of planting is suitable with the recommended season.
  • Fertilizer system is well balanced; proper care to the needs of the plan, soil and environment as well as the lives of micro-organism.
II. Content and Elements of Natural Element.
Phoskamag is a type of compound fertilizer that contains oxidant elements of P, Calium, and Magnesium as the macro elements that are needed in the growth and life of plants, as well as oxidant Borium that serves as micro element that is used by plant in special development. Therefore, this fertilizer is multi function. The specification of oxidant element in Phoskamag/ elements level in form of oxidant is as follow:
P2O5: 10%        P2O5 : 15%   
K2O : 20%        K2O : 15%
MgO : 4%         MgO : 4%
B  : 0,2%           B     : 0,2%

III. More economical, effective and efficient.

Phoskamag is a compound fertilizer containing several elements that are needed by plants such as P-K and mg (macro elements) as well as B (micro element), each in form of oxidant so that the benefits of the elements can function simultaneously in accordance with its position in the compound fertilizer. This will result in the economical benefit toward operational cost in the using the fertilizer.

IV. Benefits of the elements in the oxidant.
  1.  Benefits of P element in P205:
  • Accelerate the strong growth of plant roots.
  • Optimize formation of seeds.
  • Function as nuclear forming material, fat and protein.
      2.   Benefits of K element in K2O:
  • Create smooth growth as K element is active in the leaves during the photosynthesis process, as well as accelerate the many formation of meristimatic cells.
  •  Help form protein and carbohydrate.
  •  Increase the plant resistance toward plant disease.
    3.    Benefits of Mg element in MgO:
  • Activate enzyme during plant metabolism process.
  • Work as the main material in forming chorolophyl that is vital in photosynthesis.
  • Increase the level of oil in oil-based plants.

   4.    Benefits of Borium in B:

  •  Necessary for plants that produce seeds.
  • Necessary for plants that produce fruits.
  • Strongly needed for plants that grow in organic soil.
  • Increase the quality of vegetations.
V. The commercial advantage in using Phoskamag.
As compound fertilizer that contained several macro elements that are needed in soil such as P, K, Mg and Borium with special functions, this fertilizer is multi functional.

The commercial advantage is as follows:

  • Usable in many types of plants such as plants that produce seeds or fruits, vegetation as well as many others.
  •  Help save operational cost, including transportation cost and is also efficient in human resources expense, because using this particular fertilizer allows gaining multiple benefits of elements that are contained in it.
  • There isn?t any continued effect in the fertilizer, especially in the fertile level of the soil. The ecosystem of micro-organism is still well maintained.
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