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High quality compound/complex fertilizer (Specialized for sugar cane)
Phoskanat is a high quality compound fertilizer which contains natural essential elements of P, K, Ca, Mg and Na, as well as Zn, Fe and Cu in amount that is proportionate in fulfilling the need of natural essentials need of element in plants.
Phoskanat is formulated based on multiple researches and long on- hands experiences of chemical experts.

Composition of Phoskanat
Phoskanat contains natural essential macro, micro and functional elements with compositions as follow:
P2O5     15 %
K2O     15 %
Na2O     3-5 %
CaO     2-8 %
MgO     1-4 %
Zn       0,2 %
FeO     0,1 %
CuO     0,1 %

Phoskanat is in form of granule with size of 2-4mm which allows easy application manually or mechanically (fertilizer applicator). Phoskanat has red color with water level of 4-5% and is hygroscopic which enables relatively long term of storage. Besides of those mentioned above, Phoskanat also contains organic elements that are very beneficial to the balance of life of micro-organism in the soil.

The Function and Benefit of natural elements in Phoskanat.

Natural element P.
  • Accelerates root growth which strengthens plants and create high water and natural elements absorbance.
  • Increases the quality of sugar cane sap
  • Optimizes the forming of fruit and seed content.
  • Works as nuclear cell and managers the metabolism system ( ATP)
Natural Element K
  •  Guarding the plant pressure
  •  Works as synthesized carbohydrate
  • Increase plant endurance towards disease
  •  Enzyme Activator
Natural Element Na
  • Increase plants absorbance thus is more hydration-proof
  •  Replace the function of element K in guarding the turgor pressure.
  •  Synthesized stract enzyme activator in the sugar formation.
  • In certain level balances sugar formation.

Natural element Ca and Mg

  • Ca is an important part in cell and is vital in the process of growth.
  •  Mg is the main chlorophyll in determining photosynthesis/ carbohydrate formation.
Natural elements of Micro Zn, Fe and Cu
  •  Enzyme activator and is important in chlorophyll formation
  • Acts in synthesized  sugar
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