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Phosmag Plus
Phosmag Plus is fertilizer P which contains 20%, P2O5 total, and has dissolvability in citrate acid 2% which is relatively high as much as 10% or 50% from total P2O5.

Contains natural essential elements of B, Fe, Cu and Zn which is highly needed for Oil Palm crop in moss land and mineral land.

Usage of Phosmag Plus for seasonal plants is recommended in the beginning of land management. As for yearly plants, it is advised to be applied at the end of rain season or soon after harvest.

Benefits of Phosmag Plus:
  • Phosmag Plus has a high dissolvability making it effective to increase content of P that is usually low in the soil.
  • Contains natural micro essentials elements such as B, Fe, Cu and Zn which are highly needed in Palm Oil crop in moss land and mineral land.
  • Application of Phosmag Plus will accelerate the production of palm oil with high level of early production which allows fast return on investment expense.
  • Phosmag Plus is a source of natural elements of P and natural micro elements of B, Fe, Cu, and Mn which are effective in increasing production of palm oil through the rise in numbers of crop and average crop weight, which will bring high profit.
  • Enables you to save operational cost including transportation cost and human resources course in applying fertilizer as it gives more than one natural elements that is needed at the same time.
  • Natural content in the soil fits the needs.
  • Allow you to order the natural content of the elements that are needed besides the main specification as it is produced locally.
  • There is not follow up effect to land structure which will help in stabilizing the ecosystems and the fertility of the soil.
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