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Calsimag 5236

Double Excellences-Excellence in Agriculture and in Embankment.

  1. Indonesia is an agricultural country that is situated in tropical area. The total population is over 200 millions.
  2. Existing or newly managed farming land need optimal fertilization.
  3. Hence, an effective and efficient work program in agricultural sector is required.
  4. The system of ?Panca Usaha? in agriculture field is one of the efforts heading to that direction, its content, i.e., providing that the soil and seeds are of good and chosen quality, is that the application of fertilizer has to be precise in its type, dosage and time frame.
  5. PT. Galatta Lestarindo which is actively involved in the industry of natural fertilizer company; focuses on the making of fertilizer that is produced from the compound mixture of natural content of rock deposits in the country.
  6. In the concerning current state of the country?s economics, where the soaring high price of imported fertilizer ( including basic fertilizer) with phosphate content, magnesium and etc , profit might not be proportional to cost. Therefore, it is time that all experts on soil fertilization and the industry of local fertilizer come up with the replacement of imported fertilizer, despite the lack of quality but at the same time still cumulatively profiting.

Thus, PT. Gallata Lestarindo; with high optimism and research work team join forces with several official and competent analytical & assessment units to create a fertilizer called "Calsimag 5236"

That is the fertilizer in the group of Basic Fertilizer with Ca and Mg content in form of high content oxidant with details of substance as follow:

  1. CaO : 45-52%
  2. MgO : 33 - 36%
  3. CaO dissolvable : 40%
  4. MgO dissolvable 2% Citric Acid : 30%
  5. CaO dissolvable 2% Citric Acid : 45%
  6. Al2O3 and Fe2O3 : < 1%
  7. Mesh 100 : pass 95%

Therefore, this fertilizer has the highest content of MgO compared to others; is to match of Kieserite- imported; with the advantage of adequate content of CaO, which make Calsimag 5236 beneficial to:


  • Increase the pH of the soil.
  • Facilitate the exchange process of kation.
  • Accelerate plant growth.
  • Raise chlorophyll in activating photosynthesis resulting in greener and healthier leaves.
  • Accelerate carbohydrate metabolism process.

Fish Pond/ Embankment

  • Increase, Balance the pH of the soil and water.
  • Necessarily important in the growth of plankton which leads to the growth of fish and prawn.
  • High dissolvability of CaO which accelerates the shell hardening process of prawns that will prevent the effect of Pathogen bacteria in moulting.
  • Accelerate the growth of chitin hence increasing the weight of prawns.

Target of usage
As basic fertilizer which functions as corrective in soil fertilization whether in existing of newly managed farming land; used as: Dolomite and imported Kieserite, Calsimag 5236 is an alternative fertilizer that is highly superior to be used in all type of farming land as well as embankment.
For seasonal plant.
The using of fertilizer is carried out soon after the management of the land (part of the dosage).
The rest of the dosage is given in the next management of land before the end of incubation period (3-4 weeks); this is to be followed with the planting period.
For annual/yearly plant, it can be spread between the plant rows or evenly placed around the crown of the plant after land is lightly managed.

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